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Universal solenoid valve - water/air/steam/light oil/vacuum/CO2 liquid gas/refrigerant valve

American SKINNER solenoid valve two-port two-position (2/2), three-port two-position (3/2), five-port two-position (5/2) test for general fluid, water/air/steam/light oil/vacuum 10-6 Torr, liquid CO2 (-196 ℃) high pressure, high frequency and long life of various fluids.

AC—24V.110V.220V.380V.440V/50~60HZ 接線口為(1/2NPT)或(DIN)

Features: All kinds of coils are made of resin and can be interchanged for NEMA 7, 9 and waterproof NEMA, 4X, with ISO-9001, UL and CE certification, as well as magnetic protection coils and low wattage coils (0.6W/1.5W). Also have IntrinsicallySafe Valves/Manual Reset Vales.

71214 series

7321GRF series

7341-SUS316 series

M131F series

Special Valves for Petrochemical Industry (Explosion-proof / Intrinsically Safe)

SKINNER 2/2, 3/2 and 5/2 solenoid valves for the petrochemical industry are specialized in the production of various types of waterproof NEMA, 4X, explosion-proof NEMA7, 9 and intrinsically safe, low wattage solenoid valves (0.6W) for the petrochemical industry.

Body Material:Aluminum Alloy, Copper, SUS304/316
Type of electromagnetic interference:Manual Reset Valve,Direct Mount NAMUR Valve,Ultra Low-Power Valve(0.6w,1.5w),Intrinsically Safe Valve,Three Way/Four Way Valve,NEMA.4X.7.9
Caliber:2/2—1/8”~3B”, 3/2—1/8”~3/4”, 5/2—1/4”~1/2”
Coils: Explosion-proof, waterproof, general, intrinsically safe.
DC - 12V.24V.48V.125V(1/2 NPT) (Wiring Terminal Box) or (DIN).
AC - 12V.24V.48V. 110V.220V. 240V.380V.440V.480V

Features: 3/2, 5/2 solenoid valve: The internal pilot hole is equipped with a filter to protect the internal cleanliness of the valve from impurities, blockages, and ensure good operation of the valve, suitable for harsh environments.
◎Unique plunger bolt, oil seal design maintains synthetic oil-based Teflon shafts for long life.
◎Each valve is provided with an identification marker hole.
◎Variable manual knob, integrated coil, integrated exhaust, auxiliary return spring, flow rate adjustment knob.

73312BN-VR series

7347NAN series