- Introduce -

Since 1986, E-Tron has been established and started to provide our service and goods. Our service started from selling solenoid valve, and, in the next three decades, extend to selling microswitch, solenoid valve with explosion-proof, pneumatic and hydraulic controlling elements, etc. We keep our mind on always provide the goods to the good, it makes us encourage ourself that we must improve our service, skill, products, and even attitude. Because of always following this goal, we meet many partners in different sectors. They trust us and help us to keep growing up in the past thirty years. Now, E-Tron is in partnership with many of the world-leading companies in different sectors, but we still keep looking for new opportunities to explore the different possibilities of the future. So if you need anything about solenoid valve or pneumatic and hydraulic controlling elements, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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